Shanmukh Jaswanth new webseries on aha

Most people have started to watch web series just like movies, and you can find a lot of web series these days. Not all web series will have a good story, and some will keep you bored. Are you planning on watching a Telugu web series with an exciting story? Agent Anand Santosh would be a great choice because it is an interesting web series with the genre of comedy, crime thriller, and romance. It is one of the best Telugu webseries currently streaming on aha, which you can watch with a subscription.

Finding the right platform for watching Telugu web series is one of the important problems for most people. Many people fail to find such platforms, wasting money unnecessarily while they cannot watch their favourite shows. From now on, you can eliminate this problem because you can watch most of the latest Telugu movies, tv shows, and web series. You can take its affordable subscription plan, which gives you access to all its content.

The cast of Agent Anand Santosh

Arun Pawar directs agent Anand Santosh under the production company Infinitum Media. The central cast member of this web series is Shanmukh Jaswanth, who plays the role of Agent Anand Santosh. The other cast members include Vaishali Raj, Alankrita Shah, Pruthvi Mukka, Chandu JC, and Viswa.

The story of Agent Anand Santosh

The web series has a unique story that revolves around the main character Anand Santosh, who runs a detective agency. Later he joins another detective agency where he gets small funny cases like finding a stolen tire of a car. Even though his cases seem funny at the beginning, they will have some sort of connection with a big problem that makes the case serious. The whole web series is about him solving certain cases effectively.

About the web series Agent Anand Santosh

Agent Anand Santosh is a Telugu-language comedy crime-thriller web series with some romance. The first season of the web series started to get released on 5 August 2022 and has already released six episodes, each around 30 minutes.

Watch all the episodes of Agent Anand Santosh only on aha

If you want to watch the web series Agent Anand Santosh, then aha is your only option. Aha-OTT is currently streaming all six episodes of this thriller comedy webseries. You must take an aha subscription to watch this web series except for its first episode. Apart from that, you should also know that an aha subscription is not just for watching this web series, but it offers complete access to aha.

How to Buy a Used Honda Civic Hatchback?

If you need to buy a car on the cheap, you’re probably not going to be able to find one for sale that’s much cheaper than a Honda Civic Hatchback. Hatchbacks are popular for people who need space but want a small car. That’s why this is such an easy type of vehicle to find used and it can also be much cheaper than buying other types of cars.

Start Your Search

When you begin your search, you might need to be a bit specific or you might want to buy something as soon as possible. If it’s the former, you’ll need to have a general idea of where in the country you’re going to look. You can start by searching for prices of used hatchbacks in your area.

Look for Dealers

used honda in fresno dealers can be a great resource for buying cars. They’ll often have great deals on used cars and they’ll also know exactly what they’re selling. As you look at the vehicles, they can recommend a few that are of great quality and buying them could save you some money. They can even help you if you want to negotiate a lower price.

used honda in fresno

Compare Prices for similar models

When it comes to buying used cars, it’s not always necessary to get exactly what you want. You might find one that’s almost identical to something else, but it still has defects or problems that you don’t need. By comparing prices, though, you can make sure the car is as cheap as possible while still being good enough for your standards.

Negotiate with the seller

After you’ve found the car you want, it’s time to talk about how much you can afford to pay for it. If it’s a used car, you’ll probably need to negotiate a price that’s lower than what the seller is offering. Once you find a price that works for both of you, get the ball rolling by using a payment plan. This can make your payments more affordable and take some of the pressure out of buying something so important.

Inspect It

Even though buying used cars isn’t as risky as it used to be, there are still several things that can go wrong with them.

The most common business trip mistakes to avoid in your next business trip

You must be on time to meet any client and attend any business meeting regardless of such meeting in your office or on the hotel. You have to schedule the shortest business trip possible and avoid chances of being late for meetings with a business client especially because of you are in a rush from the airport. This is advisable to avoid booking a ticket home close to the end of your scheduled meeting. You can research the 출장홈타이 and make a good decision to fulfill your wishes regarding the bunnies travel.  The main objective of the business trip is to operate at the same level of peak efficiency as well as performance that you do in the office. You must give yourself enough time so that you can be on time and get mentally prepared for the business meeting.

Not giving yourself enough time  

Business people with a lack of expertise about effective approaches for gearing up for a business trip nowadays get ever-increasing problems. They have different requirements like to select the business travel package list and make certain everything on the business trip will go smoothly as they would like it to. As a beginner to the business trip mistakes, you can focus on the following details right now. You will make a good decision and avoid such mistakes hereafter.

business trip planner

Spending outside your company policy  

If you have a reasonable budget and schedule for your business travel, then you have to avoid spending time outside your company policy. You must know and keep in mind about the booking policy that you have to follow.   If you consider such thing while booking a business trip, then you can get the desired benefits. Spending money on your business travel beyond your company allows could have unintended consequences such as you cannot find out you did anything wrong until the overall expenses are not to get approved on the expense management software of your company.  This is advisable to double-check the travel policy of your company before booking and ask your manager to manage your company’s travel and make certain you book everything within policy.


Qualified and dedicated business people have a specialization in the 출장홈타이. They are aware of the overall problems associated with under-packing. As a business owner, you have to know about the time you will spend in transit and away from the meeting site. You must consider several things like a long walk from the hotel to the business site and avoid chances for under-packing which will leave you requirements for pending money you did not plan to spend during the business trip.

Know few ways for finding a good THC gummies

People are eagerly looking for ways to relax and de-stress as their workload and stress levels rise. Instead of beverages and medications, many people are turning to safer alternatives, such as Delta-8 THC gummies. Thc gummies can help you relax after a long day of stress and provide long-lasting effects and letting you to sleep better.

Choosing brands might be difficult due to the industry’s abundance. As a result, you may not be aware to which brand you can rely on. However, there are numerous criteria to offer the finest THC gummies to you.

  • You can to collect feedback from users who already used or you can check reviews from the website proving these products.
  • Furthermore, you can undertake sufficient research on each of the brands you heard. It will help in knowing the benefits and drawbacks of each.
  • You can even have a deep study on each of the brand’s processes, including cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, and so on. This will help you in precision and validity of the decision to choose the top brands.
  • You must also look on the price in choosing the brands. There are many good brands that produce Thc gummies will low price. So, you can buy such products as well.
  • Also, choose gummies that are used by many peoples. As these gummies are used by many people it may give you good results. That is you can try them instead of being the first person to try some other new unknown gummies.
Tattoo removal is a big process that everyone has to follow

If you have heard anything about laser tattoo removal, it is probably been something related to laser. But, while there is lots of information on what to think about before getting a tattoo. While going through the process, here are few points that you should known before starting. So, to do you all a favour, here is a list of everything you need to know about tattoo removal, from the expenses to the potential negative effects. Than this you must also know about does tattoo removal leave scarring?

It will take months, if not years

Tattoos do not simply go away after a laser treatment. On average, a complete tattoo removal takes at least 2 1/2 years. Also laser treatments should be spaced three months apart to get the most out of each treatment. This helps your body to break down as much of the tattoo as possible while also allowing your body to heal completely before the following session.

Many had six sessions of this and that also needs roughly five more, despite the fact that first estimate was six to eight sessions. It takes a long time to finish because particles are broken down and absorbed by the body’s immune system each time the tattoo is lasered. The regeneration period can last up to eight weeks, and the laser will break down into new pigment particles.

does tattoo removal leave scarring

Consider consulting with a doctor or a tattoo removal specialist

Some of them had tattoo removed at a spa, where an aesthetician used an old heat laser that burned and scarred my skin. But laser removal from the tattoo shop will be better for treatments, where everything is done under medical supervision.

However, it recommend that you discover your own removal professional by asking friends, influencers, or even stopping folks you see with removals in progress as something many people do.

It’s not cheap

If you have your treatments performed by a doctor, each visit can cost higher. The average cost of plastic surgery is substantial, according to estimates. Also, keep in mind that the cost of tattoo removal will also vary depending on the size, colour, and age of your tattoo.

Before getting into process as the professional that does tattoo removal leave scarring. It is something essential that you need to do some research before getting into anything. Also, ask them about the cost and tell them the size of your tattoo.

Things you need to know about unknown numbers

We live in the twenty-first century, and we do everything with our phones. Our phones have become so important and necessary to us that we can’t picture our lives without them. When we think about going out, the first thing we do is grab our phone, as if it is the most important thing they would need outside. Also, nowadays, almost everyone, from the elderly to children, owns a cell phone. Mischievous minds use mobile phones as a means to bother and annoy other individuals. They make unnecessary phone calls. To overcome that there are many best reverse phone lookup available.

Some people even go so far as to try to harass others using their phones. They target innocent people and cause them a great deal of stress.

Unknown callers are becoming increasingly well-known these days. Almost everyone has received unidentified calls from unidentified callers. People have reported that these unknown callers call them repeatedly and cause them a great deal of distress.

Some simply bother them, whereas others threaten and harass them. It is a serious matter, and in order to avoid it, you should know whether or not to answer unknown calls from unknown callers.

reverse phone lookup

When you receive an unknown call, you wonder if it is safe to answer it is because you have no information about the number whose number it is. This implies you can reach old contacts even if they no longer use that phone number. There are many best reverse phone lookup tools available and you only just need to enter the phone number into the tool, and it will display the person’s details. It will help you find the details of the stranger.

Half of the unidentified calls you receive on a daily basis are scams. By ignoring their calls, these scams can be avoided. So keep in mind that whenever you choose to ignore an unknown call, you are making a wise choice.

Their primary goal is to get you to call them back. It is always best not to call back an unknown number, especially if the number is unfamiliar to you. You should not return the unknown caller’s call if the numbers appears shady and strange. Use these strategies to protect yourself from scammers. If you receive such scam calls on a frequent basis from the same unknown caller, you should report the call to the authorities. They will continue to look after it.

The ecommerce of organic and typical foods: why choose it

The small food that already risks being “eaten”, to stay on the subject, by the large food chains, must support its business with an e-commerce because:

The customer buys food online : everyone uses the web to shop, so food e-commerce is just a great growth opportunity 먹튀사이트.

More Customers, More Revenue : Capturing the online customer industry will increase your earnings.

Indirect loyalty: maybe the former customer who has known the shop for years and maybe even the owner will also enter the new online network but is no longer able to go shopping there because the working hours do not allow it. Imagine when he discovers that his favorite shop has an e-commerce and in addition to shopping online he can also be sure of the quality of the products?

A food e-commerce of organic products or typical products would be another very valid income alternative for the entrepreneurs of these types of food shops, sought after but less commercial. Creating “food online” in these two particular sectors as the “organic” and the “typical” is advantageous because:

These are products that are sought online: not so much for organic products, because the organic trend has also invaded large-scale distribution supermarkets, but typical products are very “well-known”. Therefore, the sale of food products online, especially specific ones, is a source of income


Expanding the customer network: there are many lovers and connoisseurs of the “organic” line, all of them choose organic. So having an excellent e-commerce of organic food products expands the network of customers who choose and prefer quality. The same goes for typical products, where you buy quality food online, the customer comes back and stays there.

Entering a profitable network niche: creating your own network niche for such particular products, not cheap but at the same time sought after by an increasingly growing type of customer, will allow you to become an important player or among the most important players , being part of the “favorite list” of these customers.

Best practices for the success of your e-commerce

Opening an eFood and selling food products online is not enough to establish yourself on a constantly evolving market. Or rather, choosing an e-commerce food to complement retail sales is already a very important step. But some marketing tips must be followed and put into practice to ensure not only perennial growth but to obtain and attract an ever-increasing number of customers.

As we all know, the punch bags are one of the most important gears for the fighters. Especially the people who are in their training period will be in need of the best punch bags in order to make their training more effective than they sound to be. When they get down in the market for buying this gear, they have more number of choices. The following guidelines will help them to pick the best in spite of various choices.


The buyers must remember that when it comes to punch bags there are many different types. Hence they are supposed to choose the right one for their needs. The different types of punch bag includes heavy bag, free standing punch bag, speed bag, double end bag and many different types. The usage of these bags will be quite different from one another.

Size and weight

After choosing the type, the next thing that is to be taken into account is the size and weight of the bag. The people who are starting their career in fighting can move for the lighter weight punch bags as this will be quite easier for them to handle. And while considering the size of the bag, one can choose it according to their convenience. For example, the adults will be in need of larger bags. The people who are starting with can refer fightercultureto gain better information they are in need of.

Surface and fill material

It is to be noted that when compared to that of other factors, the surface material and fill material of the punching bag is more important than they sound to be. The filling for the bag can be chosen according to one convenience. The people who want the lighter weight one can move for air. Apart from these, there are options like sand filling, water filling and many others. While considering the surface material, one can consider the atmosphere for choosing the right one. For further reference for buying these bags, fighting tips and gear reviews in online can be referred.

Essential factors to consider when designing an ecommerce platform

Online businesses are booming in popularity because of the increased demand from the people. Everyone wishes to choose the online store to buy the products. Because in this busy world, people could not spend their time in local store waiting in long queues to buy the products. Instead, they choose to buy products online. However, creating an ecommerce platform with proper considerations is essential. You could find platforms like Magento that are specially designed for the purpose of ecommerce. You can use this platform or else you can make some changes with the experts’ help. Here are a few factors that you need to consider while designing an ecommerce platform.


You need the webshop with the best design. You’re selling products and so you should not concentrate more on the design. You need to have a platform that allows the people to get their views on the product. Some of the platforms come with a theme, but you can customize the theme according to your product niche. You need to design a platform that should be always responsive and have the best operating system. Choose the colors that are simple and appealing With the simple design, you could provide a seamless experience to your customers.


Use quality images:

To showcase the products in the best way, it is significant to add only high-quality images to your webshop. Magento helps you to add the best images that will suit your business. Images are known to be a hero when it comes to online business. Because people will decide to buy only after seeing the product images. Therefore, adding quality images to the business platform is significant. Also, provide all the detailed information about the product to create the best impression.

Site speed and mobile optimization:

No customer will stay on your site if it has a low speed. People use only the platform that operates faster. If they find low speeding, then they will choose another site. Also, many would access the website from their smartphones. Therefore, it is good to design a platform that is compatible with mobile devices. User-friendly should be your main motto when designing the platform.

People should be able to search the products and complete the purchase quickly. If they find any issues in the process, then they will choose only another platform. Thus, the above are a few things to be considered while designing an ecommerce platform.

Things the removalist helps when you hire them

Some things in life, like mending your car or cutting your hair, should be left to professionals skilled in that profession. Moving is a serious process that should also be handled by professionals as well. Renting, buying, and packing might be stressful enough, but when you add the burden of lifting and unloading all of those boxes yourself, you are in for a long day. Hiring a mover may make your relocation easier, and here are just a few of the advantages that professional moving company like sutherland shire removalists can provide.

More Than Just Packers and Movers

People frequently believe that a removalist has just one job: to pick up and relocate their belongings. Expert movers, can, do much more and can virtually take over the entire packing and moving procedure for you. They can provide boxes, assist you in packing your belongings, insure your products, and deliver them to your destination without you having to lift a finger.

Assurance of Safety

Moving your own possessions can be dangerous, especially if you aren’t a trained removalist. Things break in transit, are misplaced, or are damaged and this is one area where professionals can assist. sutherland shire removalists include transit insurance, and their skilled crew knows how to handle your valuable things with care, whether they are in their hands or on the road with them.

Entirely protected

It saves money

Although it may appear to be an oxymoron, hiring a professional will really save you money in the long run. Consider taking a few days off work to move, renting a truck to fit everything in, fueling the car whenever it needs it, and rewarding yourself with a lot of takeaways each day. Add up all of those expenditures, and you may have a professional finish the job in a matter of hours for less than you would expect.

Quick and Efficient

Consider how long it takes you to pack one room of your house into a box that includes something like pictures, linen, food, and then increase it by the number of rooms, garage, and shed you have. And then you have to shift and carry them, lift them onto the truck, drive to your new location, and begin the physically demanding chore of unloading and unpacking. You can hire a professional who handles everything and you just arrive at your new home with boxes in their place.

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